Frequent Asked Questions and Answers

e-TRASH (Electronic Transaction in waste Resources for all uSers and Households)  is a brainchild of the Edo NEWMAP.  It is a scheme that has been designed with an end-to-end structure to ensure seamless and sustainable Plastic and Aluminum waste management system from collection through to processing into a useful end product.

PikAmSel® pronounced as “Pick Am Sell” is a user-friendly intuitive mobile app fitted with automatic management and an associated reward system on which the e-TRASH scheme is anchored.


1. Users: Users are the originators of Plastic/Aluminum waste.
2. Aggregators/Collectors: They are “Users” that have additional third-party Plastic/Aluminum waste.
3. Agents: This group of persons are local businessmen and women who are the intermediaries between the Users and Processors. Their major business is to temporarily receive/hold a metal or plastic waste from Users or aggregators themselves.

4. Off-taker/Crushers/Processors: These are the conveyors or transformers of Plastic/Aluminum waste materials. They can choose to convey the plastics or Aluminum waste materials that they bought from the Agent(s) with the aim of selling them off to recyclers or they can process the materials into new products as Processors.

5. Collaborators/ Sponsors
These provide guidance and /or support in return for advertisement and or recognition. These persons can be the Government, private bodies, Ministries, Departments, or Agencies.


This will depend on how fast waste weight meets the minimum fright requirement.


The User would receive an instant payment for their transaction while though Agents would receive an instant notification of their transaction details, it would take 48 hours before their payments are accessed because, their payments depend on the buyer’s approval. The time difference is the time it would take for the buyers to come to the agent’s location to authenticate the weight that they have inputted in the app.

This can be verified in the PikAmSel app or website. Although the scheme started with some of the communities where NEWMAP intervened which are Gapiona, Iguosa, Ogiso, Queen Ede and Urora, with its launching, e-TRASH would be fully operational in Edo State and would gradually advance to all parts of the country.

e-TRASH targets the Plastic and Aluminum can waste. It ranks as the highest form of waste that is littered in the environment and indiscriminately disposed of in the facilities and natural waterways thereby clogging the drains and polluting the environment causing various degrees of harm to humans, animals, and environment. In addition to other related plastic and aluminum.

A. Plastics: For Plastics we have;

1. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) – Even if you don’t know the term “polyethylene terephthalate” (PET or PETE), you’ve probably encountered this type of plastic before. It’s the most frequently recycled one. Some examples are; Transparent bottles that do not resemble the fearless drinks (opaque bottles) water bottles like Eva water, Rangolis water bottles, soft drinks cans, and plastic trays.

2. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) –They may resemble PET, but they are much stronger and thicker than them. Some examples are; Plastic milk, milo, bournvita containers, oil jerry cans, bleach bottles, plastic chairs and tables, Grocery bags, recycling bins, laundry detergent bottles, butter tubs, motor oil bottles, and some shopping bags. It’s a little tougher than PET but nearly as common as shampoo bottles amongst others.

3. Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) – cling film (thin bag used to stretch over to cover leftover food), rubber/ plastic bags, and disperser bottles.

4. Polypropylene (PP) – Polypropylene, or PP, has a high melting point that makes it great for containing hot liquids. Syrup, ketchup, and medicine bottles all rely on PP, but you’ll also find it in bottle caps and straws, disposable cups, and ready-meal trays and

B. Aluminum: All types.

The list of redemption centers is visible on the PikAmSel app once you are registered.

Join the Revolution.

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Help prevent plastic and aluminum waste from clogging the drainages and earn income while you keep the environment clean. Download the PikAmSel App from your favourite app store to get started.

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