e-TRASH Initiative.

e-TRASH is a brainchild of Edo NEWMAP aimed at reducing the littering and indiscriminate disposal of plastic and aluminum waste by individuals and communities in Nigeria. It is anchored on an intuitive Mobile App called PikAmSel, which is fitted with automatic management and an associated reward system.

Our Guiding Perspective

One of the most challenging environmental problems faced by cities and urban centers across Nigeria today is the management of vast piles of indiscriminately disposed waste. 

It is estimated that of over 32 million tons of waste generated annually across the country, only 20-30% of this is collected. Most of this waste is generated by households, and in some cases by local industries, artisans and traders. 

And more often than not, a huge percentage of these wastes find their way into drainages, natural waterways and other similar flood control infrastructures ultimately clogging them and obstructing the flow of stormwater whenever it rains. 

The resultant consequence of this obstruction of stormwater channels by wastes and the attendant disastrous flooding of communities is what Edo NEWMAP e-TRASH Plastic and Aluminum Waste redemption scheme have come to tackle.

 It is essentially a novel and sustainable Plastic and Aluminum waste redemption initiative to encourage residents  to gather their wastes and exchange them for various reward items. 

e-TRASH is a scheme that seeks to reduce littering and indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste by individuals and communities in Nigeria, using an intuitive and creative App with automatic management of an associated reward system, while at the same time contributing to the empowerment of women and girls who account for over 80% of plastic waste aggregators. 

e-TRASH is designed as an end-to-end scheme to ensure a seamless and sustainable plastic waste management system from plastic waste collection through to processing to useful end products.


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