What you need to know about e-TRASH Initiative

The world is faced with the menace of plastic and aluminum can wastes, Nigeria is not isolated as this is posing serious floods and drainage problems, aside from other environmental hazards.

In Edo State, in particular, these plastics and aluminum cans washed or indiscriminately disposed of by citizens have constituted an immense threat to the functionality of stormwater infrastructure, moats, and other drainage systems.

Rising to this challenge, the Edo State Government, the World Bank-assisted project (NEWMAP) has evolved the e-Trash Program, an initiative to check such wastes to encourage citizens to redeem these categories of waste from the environment.

The e-TRASH is the first of its kind in Nigeria that utilizes innovative technology in protecting the Environment. It seeks to reduce littering and indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste by individuals and communities in the State. It is flexible and adaptable to cover Statewide and
national deployment.

e-TRASH stands for electronic Transaction in waste Resources for ALL users and Households. It involves working with all stakeholders in the entire waste-to-wealth value chain to eliminate plastic and aluminum waste from our environment in order to protect our critical stormwater infrastructure, the environment, natural resources, and the health and well-being of the people. e-TRASH is anchored on an App called PikAmSel.

PikAmSel is an end-to-end digital system with automatic management of an associated reward system, offering instant reward via direct bank transfer, Telephone Airtime crediting, and gifting of accumulated points to a third party via a mass participatory Redemption scheme.

You can decide to redeem your points for cash, airtime, and gifts which are also convertible to a 3rd party.

The reward system by e-TRASH will help promote a culture of proper waste segregation by individuals as well as proper disposal and management of plastic waste in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Help prevent plastic and aluminum wastes from clogging our drains and earn income, while helping to keep our environment clean.
For further information call 08173750000 or visit our website www.pikamsel.com

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